for fans of
Diana Wynne Jones

Neil Gaiman’s thank you poem

There’s a kitten curled up in Kilkenny was given a perfect pot of cream,
And a princess asleep in a thornwrapped castle who’s dreaming a perfect dream,
There’s a dog in Alaska who danced with delight on a pile of mastodon bones,
But I got a copy of Hexwood (dedicated to me) by Diana Wynne Jones.

There’s an actress who clutches her oscar (and sobs, with proper impromptu joy),
There’s a machievellian villain who’s hit on a wonderf’lly evil ploy,
There’s wizards in crystal castles and kings on their golden thrones,
But I got a copy of Hexwood – dedicated – to me! – by Diana Wynne Jones.

There are fishermen out on the sea today who just caught the perfect fish,
There’s a child in Luton who opened a genie-filled bottle, and got a wish,
There are people who live in glass houses have managed to outlaw stones –
But I’ve got a copy of Hexwood, dedicated to me by Diana Wynne Jones.

Reprinted by kind permission of Neil Gaiman. Copyright © Neil Gaiman